Case Study: Reliant Building Solutions Website Upgrade


Reliant Building Solutions, a commercial construction and restoration company based in Midtown Atlanta, recognized the need to revamp their online presence. They approached us with an outdated WordPress website that no longer reflected the professionalism and quality of their services. As a leading provider in their industry, they understood the importance of having a strong digital presence to attract potential clients and showcase their portfolio effectively.


Bespoke Design Process:

We initiated a personalized design process with Reliant Building Solutions, moving away from generic templates to create a custom-built website that truly embodies their brand identity. Understanding their unique requirements and target audience, we crafted a design that aligned seamlessly with their vision and values.

Branding Integration:

The new website was designed to mirror Reliant Building Solutions' offline branding, incorporating their recognizable color scheme and logo. By utilizing a combination of sleek design elements and the company's signature colors, we aimed to create a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints, from their service trucks to their online platform.

Upgrade from DIY:

Transitioning from a DIY platform, we prioritized functionality, professionalism, and user-friendliness in the website's interface. Through modern design principles and strategic layout decisions, we ensured that the website not only looked inviting but also guided users seamlessly through the browsing experience. Special attention was given to optimizing lead generation forms to prompt user engagement and drive business growth.


The launch of Reliant Building Solutions' new website yielded significant improvements in their digital presence:

Enhanced Brand Consistency:

The revamped website contributed to a more consistent brand image across both online and offline channels. The incorporation of their branding elements ensured that every interaction with the company reinforced their identity and values.


The custom-built website not only elevated Reliant Building Solutions' online presence but also reinforced their brand identity, resonating with clients and enhancing their competitive edge in the market. By prioritizing personalized design, branding integration, and user experience, we successfully delivered a digital platform that reflects the professionalism and quality of their services, ultimately driving growth and success for the company.